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Flashy and Fun Tricksters Helmets By Pillow Pets


I have a daughter who is 3 that mimics everything her old brothers do.  And she is a tiny little thing so she is very nimble and can maneuver herself quite flawlessly. So when my boys are outside riding bikes and skateboards and jumping off curbs, of course she wants to do the same! The problem I have had is that I cannot find a helmet that will … [More...]

How To Make Bath Time Fun!


Last night I was cleaning out some drawers and I came across a container of glow stick bracelets that had never been opened. There were 50 in container and rather than wait until Halloween to use them I decided to crack a few and put them in the bathtub for my daughter and have a glow in the dark bath time! Not only was she entertained but they … [More...]

Clown Auditions for Ringling Bros.

Anyone know of someone who does Clown Work? Ringling Bros is looking for a “few good clowns” for the Anaheim clown auditions at the Honda Center on Tuesday, July 29th. … [More...]

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Returns October 2


The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor My favorite Holiday of the year is just 3 months away and it's the perfect time to let all of you Southern California people know that The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor is returning on October 2, 2014. The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor will once again rise from the depths of a rich, haunted history to frighten those who dare … [More...]

Police Birthday Party for 4 Year Old Boy


Police Birthday Party for 4 Year Old Boy As the mom of 2 boys with birthdays very close together I am always on the lookout for cute and unique party ideas. I love to decorate and love themed parties. I try to tie everything together even right down to the food. Recently, I came across an adorable Police Themed Party from Stepahnie over at … [More...]

What Makes You Sparkle? #SparkleWithDASANI


Thanks to DASANI for sponsoring this post! #ad #SparkleWithDASANI As the saying goes people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime! It is a life lesson that I am still learning. When you figure out which friends are here to stay for a lifetime it can be one of the best feelings in the world! At 37, I can honestly say that my … [More...]

Sweet XO is one place that everyone will love!

Sweet XO Bakery

Last weekend I took my family to a fantastic new place called Sweet XO. It's located at the Bella Terra Shopping Center in Huntington Beach near Costco. My kids and I went on their website to see what we were in for and we were excited to try Frosted Flake Ice Cream, sample Candy Coated Habanero Corn Nuts and lounge in their Lounge area..... We … [More...]

Apple Fritter Cake Recipe


Apple Fritter Cake Since yesterday was the 4th of July I needed to come up with some kind of dessert to bring to a party. I love Apple Pie and it is such an American food tradition but I find it to be boring sometimes. So I looked at pinterest an found a recipe from Cookies and Cups for an Apple Fritter Cake recipe. It was slightly time-consuming … [More...]

3 Ingredient Pepperoni Roll-Ups Recipe


Now that summer is here it seems we have been pretty much living at the beach or the pool. And when we are not in the water I am shuffling my three kids to one of their many sports they are involved in. That doesn't leave a whole lot of time for lunch or dinner prep. So recently I was looking at Pinterest and I came across some pepperoni roll-ups … [More...]

Newport Dunes Aquatic Park Is Open

newport dunes

Newport Dunes Splash into Newport Dunes this summer and cool off with the family! One of Southern California’s most popular summer tradition returns as Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina opens its highly popular Moe B. Dunes Aquatic Park. The waterpark is situated in the Back Bay and offers a wide range of massive, colorful … [More...]